The heart of the action – Croydon’s getting a reputation for attracting blockbusters

Opening on July 29th, Matt Damon’s new action-packed Jason Bourne was partly shot in Croydon.

It came hot on the heels of Kevin Costner in Criminal. And we can’t give much away, but Brad Pitt has also been shooting a huge new film in the borough.

For Jason Bourne, a whopping 200 cast and crew worked around Fairfield Gardens and Fairfield’s Hall for no less than 10 days in October last year. And a unit base was set up at the Toys R Us carpark on Purley Way.

All this was so the old Art College Building on College Green could double as a Berlin Warehouse for one of the film’s signature Matt Damon fight scenes.

At the recent London premiere, Matt Damon complimented the capital, where he’s spent so much time filming.

“It’s an incredible place to shoot, I love London,” he said, adding the capital is pretty much a second home for him now.

“Basically, yes, I’ve spent a few years of my life here, at this point,” he said.

FilmFixer manages filming for Croydon Council. FilmFixer director Karen Everett says, “After the significant Criminal shoot – with its helicopter and adrenaline-pumped action, it was great fun to welcome the next blockbuster, in the form of Jason Bourne.

“Other parts of London would struggle to accommodate a large scale production such as this. But Croydon had no trouble at all.

“Croydon take its place alongside other locations in the film such as Las Vegas, Washington DC and Berlin. It’s very impressive.”

And Karen jokes, “Tommy Lee Jones starred in Criminal too, so he’s becoming a bit of a Croydon fixture.”

The production also shot in Camden, in the British museum.

Jason Bourne is the fifth in the Bourne franchise, launched in 2002. Always looking to incorporate current affairs into the plot, this outing includes anti-austerity protests in Greece (filmed in Tenerife). Damon says the car chase, this time in Las Vegas, is the best yet in the Bourne series.

Take a look at the trailer here.