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The borough of Croydon is set to be the London Borough of Culture 2023. It is also home to one of the largest commercial districts outside of Central London. Its bustling central streets are uniquely serviced by the Tramlink light railway system and its alleyways and markets provide excellent opportunities for street-filming.

Recent filming successes in the borough have included Channel 4’s Adult Material, adverts for O2, H&M, Adidas and Lucozade.

As Croydon Film Office, we provide a one-stop service for managing filming and photography on behalf of the council.  All professional filming and photography on council land or public roads is licenced by us and our work is guided by the principles of the London Filming Partnership.

We collect location fees for the council. We work closely with council departments such as Highways, Parking, Housing and Leisure, the Metropolitan Police Film Unit and resident, community and trader associations to ensure all filming is managed legally, safely and smoothly.

One of our principal aims at the Croydon Film Office is to make sure filmmakers respect the people who live and work in the community and we will negotiate to ensure that the community benefits fully from the advantages of filming in their borough.


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Croydon Film Locations

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Bernard Weatherill House Rooftop

Addington Hills Viewing Platform

Long Lane Wood

The Queen’s Gardens

New Addington

Croydon Central Library

Beaulieu Heights

Surrey Street Market

Croydon Town Hall

Contact Information

020 7620 0391

24hr emergency phone: 07919 002 115
Please only use this emergency contact number if you have concerns about filming taking place at the moment. If you need to apply for a film licence please go to FilmApp.