Croydon gets a taste of TV action and a tastier Summer Fayre

Croydon’s Surrey Street Market had a taste of high-drama in June, leading to an even tastier Summer Fayre this month.

Upcoming TV drama, The Interceptor, shot an action sequence at the market; and part of the fees raised have been allocated towards the Surrey Street Market Summer Fayre of July 12th.

Surrey Street Market Development Manager, Roy Wayre, said, “We visited all the traders ahead of filming to talk it through and tell them about the contribution to the fayre. They were all keen to watch the sequence being shot.

“We’re happy about the boost for the Summer Fayre. It’s our special annual celebration at the market, and we really welcome contributions to make it even more fun for the people of Croydon.”

About 50 traders sell fruit, vegetables and hot foods at the market every Monday to Sunday from 6am to 6pm. On July 12th, between 11am and 5pm, the market comes to life for Croydon families, with the Summer Fayre.

The Interceptor is an eight-part series about a top-secret law enforcement team who hunt down some of Britain’s most dangerous and ruthless criminals. It’s due to be broadcast next year.

On Wednesday June 18th the team filmed a thrilling chase through the market, as the undercover team tried to recover a suitcase full of money. The action led up the stairs by the footbridge on Surrey Street Market, then toward the north end of the Market, a shop on the High Street, and into an alley off St. George’s Walk.

Mr Wayre added, “I think we’ll all be looking out for a glimpse of ourselves when the show is broadcast. We’ll be proud to see our market as a backdrop to such a big show, I’m sure.”