Croydon News

15th March 2017
Hula hoops saves the day at a former bank on Warham Road in Croydon. The new ad is part of a £4.5 million campaign – the biggest ever for the snack brand. It was filmed at the former bank, called West Heath Bank in the ad, where a hapless robber races in with a banana tucked inside a sock,... Read more
14th February 2017
Germany gets the first taste of London under Nazi occupation – when SS-GB debuts at the Berlinale Film Festival today The BBC One series adapts Len Deighton’s ’78 novel in which German forces patrol and repress London-life in the early 40s. The London locations were filmed in boroughs including Croydon. Starting on BBC One on Sunday February 19th, the... Read more
31st December 2016
Where is the world’s worst uncle from? Croydon mainly. He’s headed back to BBC Three on January 1st, then BBC One at 11.25pm on January 6th. The comedy, now in its third series, was filmed between July and September in 2016, making great use of the space, accessibility and distinct look that Croydon has to offer. Star Nick Helm... Read more
15th July 2016
Opening on July 29th, Matt Damon’s new action-packed Jason Bourne was partly shot in Croydon. It came hot on the heels of Kevin Costner in Criminal. And we can’t give much away, but Brad Pitt has also been shooting a huge new film in the borough. For Jason Bourne, a whopping 200 cast and crew worked around Fairfield Gardens... Read more
14th July 2016
Croydon Film Office is calling on the community to help a local film project. Bloom is about a widower who decides to live a more fulfilling life, after the loss of his wife, but every choice has a consequence. With filming done in Threehalfpenny Wood, Croydon Film Office is urging the community to get behind the project to help... Read more
12th June 2016
ABC channel Freeform’s thriller, Guilt, sees an American student, Molly, murdered while studying in London. Her roommate, Grace, becomes the prime suspect. You’ll recognise many locations in the trailer. Essential to the production was its Croydon unit base Addington Park, providing parking and services to cast and crew. Other boroughs involved in the production included Southwark, Haringey, Islington and... Read more
8th April 2016
Croydon teenager treated to work experience with Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones during local Criminal filming At last, London’s role in a huge Kevin Costner thriller hits the big screen, as Criminal – set to be a blockbuster – opens next week on April 15th. The excitement at the time of filming included a helicopter landing on Fairfield... Read more
29th March 2016
A new Sunday-night family drama sees The Durrells leave England in the 1930s for Corfu. The home they leave was filmed in Croydon’s Hurst Way last October, with some further London filming in Croydon’s Royal Russell School. The production made a donation to a local church, also to local residents, and welcomed two young residents, looking to work in... Read more
26th July 2015
Agatha Christie’s publishers were always demanding more Poirot, so for respite, over more than 50 years, she retreated into the world of her favourite married couple, writing fresh adventures for Tommy and Tuppence. Dedicated by Christie, “to all those who lead monotonous lives in the hope that they may experience at second hand the delights and dangers of adventure,”... Read more
10th June 2015
BBC One’s new thriller series The Interceptor has been described as a riot of action, drama and suspense – it starts tonight at 9pm. Its complex filming schedule across the capital would not have been possible without the support of multiple authorities and London residents themselves. The eight-part series, about an undercover team on the hunt for Britain's most... Read more